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What's new in CALBOX: QR code drop-off label, no need to print

Dropped parcels will be
shipped to your nearest CALBOX warehouse.

CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 - 2021-08-27T232633.976.png

Arrive in S. Korea within 3 days.*

*Delivery days may vary due to custom clearance delay and local/international restrictions and circumstances. 

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Smart Shipping with
CALBOX Price Guarantee
Up to 70% off Cheaper.

No subscription or contract required
only pay what you ship:)

Shipping Process

Manage Your Shipments and Features

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CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (42).png
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CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (98).png
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Customer Stories

CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (70).png

Every year on Chuseok and Christmas, I send gifts to my parents in Korea, and I always use them well. It's been updated a lot these days, so it's a lot more convenient than before. Anyway, it's cheaper than other companies and arrives in Korea really quickly. 
-Clara Park

CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (69).png

I am glad that the person in charge explained the delivery method and precautions step by step, so that it arrived without any problems. Thank you for the fast delivery. I was looking for a reliable company, and after I found CALBOX, the trip back to my homeland became a little lighter.
 -Dasom Lee

CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (66).png

I use it every time!! It's nice because it's convenient. You don't have to go far, there's nothing to print, and it's really easy to drop it at the UPS store in front of your house. I think I will use it often in the future! Good job! 
 -S.J. Kim

CALBOX Service Locations

CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (48).png
CALBOX 학생 할인 이벤트 (63).png

* Shipments are delivered 3 days after they arrives at CALBOX warehouses. Delivery days may vary due to delay and other local and international restrictions and circumstances.

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