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Popular questions

Can I change my scheduled pickup?

Log-in to the member's page and manage your bookings. You can view, reschedule, or cancel your bookings and make multiple bookings. We currently only offer Free Pick Up service in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angles. 

How can I create free UPS drop off label?

If you're looking for how to create free UPS Drop Off labels you can find here.

When and How do I pay for my package?

We will email you the invoice which you can pay with a Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, or Cash*, however, you may pay the Duty Tax or Excise Duty charges to Custom authority, it needs to be paid by the recipient to Custom Authority'**. 

*Only San Francisco Free Pick Up area customers can pay cash in person to our drivers directly.

""CALBOX does not accept or pay Duty Tax or Excise Duty charges on behalf of the customers but we are more than happy to guide through how to pay and when to pay if any tax duty is necessary.

How is S. Korean Excise duty calculated?

CALBOX does not charge any tax or duty to customers. However, Excise Duty is only applied to goods such as cigarettes and alcohol and if your shipment contents include (food, snack, vitamin, coffee, or any kind of edible products) that cost more than $150, your recipient has to pay 18%-20% of the total price to Korean Custom Authority. Without edible products cost less than $200, there is No Tax. 


Can I use any kind of box to ship something?

You can use your own box (there is no size or weight limit) or luggage, however, you can not use the USPS box.