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Korea Shipping Tax Information

If the total amount of the delivered goods is less than (general customs clearance $150) ~ (listed customs clearance $200), tax exemption is possible. Customs duty (15-25%) will be charged for excess.

*General customs clearance: including food, medicine, perfume (over 60ml), health functional food, vitamins, and snacks


* Customs clearance: Without food, medicine, perfume (60ml or less), health functional food, vitamins, and snacks.

Perfume tax: If the volume of perfume is over 60ml, a duty (15-25%) is levied.

Alcohol Exemption Regulations and Taxation Methods


- Self-use acceptance criteria: 1 bottle (1L or less)

- Tax calculation
1. Tariff: tariff price * tariff rate
2. Liquor tax: (Taxable price + customs duty) * Liquor tax rate
3. Education tax: state tax * education tax rate
4. VAT: (taxable price + duty + liquor tax + education tax
) * VAT rate (10%)
5. Total Tax Amount: 1+2+3+4

Korean Prohibited and Restricted Items

- Books, publications, drawings, films, recordings, images, sculptures, and other similar articles that disturb the constitutional order or harm public well-being or morals
- Goods used for espionage or divulging government secrets
- Forgery, counterfeiting or counterfeiting of money, bonds, or other securities
- Articles that infringe on intellectual property rights (counterfeiting)

- Sprayable (All explosive flexible products cannot be shipped due to international airport transport regulations.)
- Weapons such as firearms, swords, gunpowder (including for imitation or decoration), and explosives and toxic substances (any person who intends to import or export guns or explosives must obtain permission from the Commissioner of the Local Police Agency each time)
- Opium, cannabis, narcotics and their products regulated by the Narcotics Control Act
- Raw materials containing parts of animals such as chicken, beef, and pig
- Health functional food made with gelatin capsules containing ingredients derived from cowhide
- Jerky (jerky), dog snack/food

- Health functional food containing sleeping pills
- Honey (up to 5Kg allowed)
- Items that do not pass quarantine
- Cosmetics with the word ACNE reflected
(salicylic acid or beta hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide)
- Dangerous or flammable materials such as asbestos cloth (fire curtain)
- Adult products
- Illegal drugs
- Restriction on customs clearance of pharmaceuticals and health supplements exceeding 6 bottles (Customs approval is required after submitting a doctor's note for more than 6 bottles)
- Restrictions on customs clearance of dairy products exceeding 5 kg (milk powder, baby food, cheese, etc.)
(If it exceeds 5KG, you must submit the heat treatment certificate of the exporting country, but customs clearance is possible.
- Up to one electronic device (tablet PC, smartphone, TV, etc.) per person may be exempted from customs clearance.
(If an individual imports two or more items, customs clearance is possible only after obtaining approval for the requirements according to the Radio Act.)
- If an individual imports home appliances, only one per model can be imported without safety certification.

  • The import bans of the following products are not due to import bans on certain products, but rather because of the specific ingredients they contain:
    This is because import is prohibited, and products containing prohibited ingredients cannot be imported.

  • Please make sure to check directly with the Korea Customs Service/Incheon Customs/Food and Drug Administration for import availability before purchasing.

  • For inquiries related to overseas direct purchase quarantine (pet feed), please send the ingredient list and image of the product to the Cargo Quarantine Division (032-740-2624~27) of the Incheon Airport Regional Headquarters of the Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters.

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