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You can also enjoy US online shopping in Korea.

Recipient's name: calbox​
LA warehouse: 1000 E. DEL AMO BLVD. CARSON California 90746 

Oregon warehouse: 11743 NE Sumner St., Portland Oregon 97220
Phone number: 310-800-6581​

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Shipping Tips


*Includes food, perfumes, vitamin supplements, snacks, and medications. Items that have total value of $150 or less are tax-free.

*Include clothes, shoes, electronics, books, school supplies, and toys. Items that have total value of $200 or less are tax-free. 

*Up to 6 bottles of health supplements or vitamins can be shipped per a box, and the Korea Customs Service has the right to dispose of more than 6 bottles per box.

*Electronics of the same kind must be shipped individually. Place one electronics per box. 

*If the volume of perfume exceeds 60ml, perfume tax will be charged to the recipient.




Drop-off Label Tips


*Optional items can be left blank.

*Write simple descriptions for your contents in one line under Item 1. (i.e. t-shirts, pants, hoodies, snacks)

*You must create a new drop-off label for each package/ new order.

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